The Human-Dog Relationship and Separation Anxiety, Daniel Mills


Saturday 14 April 2018, Woking

Humans have a long history of co-habiting successfully with dogs, but recently there has been an explosion of separation-related problems among dogs living with their carers in the industrialised world.

In this seminar Daniel will take a critical look at the issue of separation anxiety in dogs. The behavioural signs that make up this problem clearly come from many potentially different forms of emotional arousal which arise when a dog is left alone. Distinguishing and understanding these is key to the appropriate management of individual dogs presenting with these problems.

Included will be some latest research on separation anxiety and the role of the behaviour of the owner.

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Professor Daniel Mills is a well-known international authority on companion animal behaviour, cognition and welfare. He is an RCVS, European and ASAB recognised specialist in clinical animal behaviour, who has been developing and exploring new interventions for behaviour problems at Lincoln for over 20 years. This includes physical aids such as the use of semiochemicals to control the emotional reaction of animals (pheromonatherapy) and the welfare impact of different training regimes. He has a strong research interest in the comparative psychology underpinning behaviour and behavioural interventions, with a particular interest in what makes an individual different and how this arises from their interaction with the environment. To this end, he has been exploring how we can more reliably assess the emotional state of an animal in real-world settings.

More recently Daniel has had opportunities to scientifically explore his interests in the potential value of our relationships with animals. His research in this area focuses on the benefits of companion animals using a multidisciplinary approach, for example through collaborations with biologists, health care professionals, psychologists, lawyers and economists.

Daniel also consults at the specialist behaviour referral clinic and teaches on both undergraduate programmes and the MSc in clinical animal behaviour offered at the University of Lincoln.

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10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Doors to the workshop space will open 15 minutes before start time. The building will be open should you arrive earlier and need access to the toilets.


Venue address: Chobham Parish Pavilion, Recreation Ground, Station Road, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8AJ
The above post code takes you to the pedestrian entrance #1 by the tennis courts. The vehicle entrance is further along Station Road. Post code GU24 8AL gets you close to the vehicle entrance, which is next to the Rifle Club and Leonard Daborn Garage.
Click here for a map:
Note: there is a 2.1 metre height barrier at the entrance to the recreation ground for access to the Parish Pavilion. Note that the office is not open at weekends, so if you are bringing a high-sided vehicle, we may be able to arrange to unlock the barrier for you to enter, but we will need sufficient notice – at least 24 hours – to allow us to confirm this to you.
Please keep in mind that dogs cannot be brought to this event.

What to bring

Bring a notebook if you wish to take notes and any questions.
Refreshments and a light lunch (including some vegetarian options) will be provided. Please bring your own food and/or drink if you are on a special diet or need something specific.


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