Reactivity – dispelling the myths, with Kamal Fernandez


Friday 26 April 2019, Chobham (Woking)

This one-day seminar covers all aspects of reactivity in dogs,

  • Identifying dogs that are likely to exhibit reactive traits
  • Key factors that create issues, and how to avoid them
  • Dispelling myths around reactivity
  • Coping skills for the dog and the owner
  • Teaching behaviours to counteract reactivity, and more.

Only six handler places and limited spectator places.

Before your complete your booking please make sure to have read further details and joining instructions under ADDITIONAL INFORMATION below.



Kamal Fernandez started training in 1991 after getting Scrunch, an independent and free-willed Chow-Chow mix. Like many other first time dog owners, Kamal found himself in for a rude awakening when he got her – Lassie she was not. You name it, Scrunch did it – running away, biting, resource guarding, nervous aggression – Scrunch did it all. Scrunch prompted a trip to Newham Dog Training Club at Eastlea School. And so began an epic journey into the world of dog training which has taken Kamal from a dog who wouldn’t come back when she was called to competing in the Obedience Championship at Crufts.

Kamal has since immersed himself in the world of animal training, following some of the leading lights in the field such as Sylvia Bishop, Susan Garrett, Bob Bailey, Ian Dunbar and Karen Pryor. This thirst for knowledge combined with his job as a police officer, working with young offenders, and studying psychology has contributed to his dynamic and innovative teaching style and his ability to get the best from his pupils, whether human or canine. With over 20 years of practical dog training experience, based on a combination of science and hands on experience, Kamal has established a reputation for positive training and has championed the use of reward based methods all over the world.

Web: Kamal Fernandez

Additional information


Friday 26 April 2019 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Doors will open around 15 minutes before start time. Come in without your dog if you are a handler. There will be a sign-in sheet on arrival.


Higher Park Farm Riding School, Halebourne Lane, Chobham, Woking GU24 8SL
There is plenty of car parking near the building and there are toilet facilities on site.

What to bring

Note that only handlers can bring dogs to this workshop.
Handlers, make sure you have a good supply of food rewards. If your dog is muzzle trained, bring the muzzle with you if appropriate or anything else you use (head collar etc).
All: dress suitably for an outdoor workshop, bring layers. The venue is not heated as we will be in an indoors riding school. Bring a folding chair, whether you are a handler or a spectator.
Bring packed lunch. Refreshments will be provided.


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