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‘Reactivity’ in Dogs, Helen Zulch


Saturday 24 February 2018, Woking

Why Do Dogs ‘Over React’ and How Can We Manage Them When They Do?

Some dogs react to (animate and inanimate) stimuli in the environment in ways which appear to owners to be excessive and which may put themselves or others at risk. Many of these dogs are challenging for owners to manage which then may impact on the quality of life of the dog as well as the family.

This seminar is aimed at experienced owners, trainers, those working in rescue, with assistance dogs etc. It will examine the most likely explanations for these reactions as well as the motivations and emotions which most commonly underlie the dogs’ behaviour. Key principles for the management of these dogs to reduce risk will be covered as will strategies to assist owners/carers to manage behaviour in trigger situations. Techniques to teach dogs better coping strategies will also be briefly addressed. Finally some ideas regarding prevention will be explored.

This is a lecture style day aiming to present an overview of a complex topic. The day is aimed at those working with dogs in a range of situations, including dog owners, veterinary practice staff, trainers, breeders and dog walkers. Some video and case material will be utilised to illustrate the topic.

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Helen Zulch is a veterinarian and European Specialist in Veterinary Behavioural Medicine. She is currently a Principal Lecturer in clinical animal behaviour in the School of Life Sciences, University of Lincoln and an Honorary Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science. Helen has worked in the field of companion animal behaviour for over 15 years and currently lectures on both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at the University of Lincoln and is the Programme Leader for the MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour. In addition she consults in the University of Lincoln’s Animal Behaviour Referral Clinic where she has been instrumental in developing the Life Skills for Puppies programme. Her research interests include problem prevention in pets, the relationship between pain and behaviour, olfaction in dogs and the sciences explaining learning and their application in and implications for training animals. Helen has authored a number of books, book chapters and scientific papers.

Helen lives with her husband, ten year old Border Collie and three year old Chocolate Lab.

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This event will last from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Chobham Parish Pavilion, Recreation Ground, Station Road, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8AJ
Note: there is a 2.1 metre height barrier at the entrance to the recreation ground for access to the Parish Pavilion. If you are bringing a high-sided vehicle, we may be able to arrange to unlock the barrier for you to enter, but we will need to be notified in advance.
Please keep in mind that dogs cannot be brought to this event.

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Refreshments and a light lunch are included.
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