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Obedience Coaching, with Alesya Miroshnikov


Next course (select from dropdown below): 13 January, 03, 10, 17 and 24 February 2018, Woking

Current course (full): Saturday 09, 16, 23, 30 December 2017 and 06 January 2018, Woking

This five-week coaching programme will introduce you to or work on your next steps in Competitive Obedience. You don’t have to intend to compete, but be prepared to commit to train (and have fun) at a similar level, to the best of your and your dog’s abilities, including home practice.

Competitive Obedience is a canine sport in which handler and dog work as a team. The handler directs the dog through a series of behaviours that demonstrate control, focus and precision. It provides high mental stimulation to the dog with low physical impact, and requires dog and handler to work as a team. Obedience is also a requirement in other dog sports, like IPO, Working Trials, etc.

Group size is limited to four, to maximise individual attention. Coaching will be tailored to each handler-dog team. Any dog breed and temperament is acceptable, as long as participants have an idea of what Competitive Obedience is about, i.e. by having watched videos, shows or dogs performing exercises. You don’t need previous experience, but a basic working relationship is desirable. Please contact us prior to booking if unsure about anything.

There will be focus on distraction training, overtraining, the detail in different exercises and the dog’s ability to listen instead of anticipating. Participants will also receive personalised online coaching between sessions.

Further details and joining instructions under ADDITIONAL INFORMATION below.



Alesya Miroshnikov is a certified dog trainer and behaviourist with more than ten years experience in training, helping as well as educating owners and their dogs. She has been successfully working with dogs of different ages, sizes, shapes, breeds, types of temperament and problems. Alesya’s philosophy is that dog training is not just some short periods of time when you teach your dog to sit, lay down, walk on the lead or perform some tricks. Training involves understanding your dog’s behaviour, establishing a good relationship, teaching your dog the rules s/he should respect in/outdoors. Train your dog as you live, without separating training from your everyday activities, so training becomes a part of life. Alesya is passionate about Competitive Obedience and has achieved numerous awards with her dogs in Poland and the UK.

Web:  Alesya Dog Trainer | Facebook: Alesya Dog Trainer | Instagram: @alesyadograiner

Additional information


First session: 8.30 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Second session: 10.30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Please arrive a few minutes earlier so you can be ready for start time.


Woking, address and parking will be confirmed about a week ahead of the event. Location may or may not vary between classes but we will remain local to Woking in any case.
Note that we will be working outdoors, with some distractions.

What to bring

Dress for outdoors, bring layers, waterproof items and wear comfortable footwear.
Bring your dog, yourself and good mood. Make sure you have regular treats plus super nice treats – cheese, sausages, chicken hearts, chicken etc. And bring some toys.
Bring their mat if you want your dog to practice settling on it. Also bring a water bowl for your dog, s/he will feel comfortable to have their own.


Once you have booked your place, please request to join the Facebook group 'Obedience Coaching Class' and introduce yourself, specifically your dog's breed, age, how you’d describe their temperament, and why you want to attend, what your expectations are.


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