Mantrailing for Search and Rescue, with GAK9

Saturday 04 to Monday 06 May 2019, Surrey

This three-day seminar will run in the South East of the UK, in collaboration with two GAK9 Europe instructors experienced in International Search and Rescue. Our goal is to train reliable trailing K9s to solve more cases in the future.

We invite everyone to apply who wants to participate in an exciting event run in GAK9 style. The event is open to Search and Rescue trainers and handlers, as well as those practising Mantrailing as a sport, and is suitable for beginners to experienced handlers. Each team will work individual trails suitable for their training level. Depending on experience, we offer basic trail training, scenario training and double blind trailing, all in challenging training environment.

Participants will learn which deployments of trailing dogs make sense and the problems that can occur. We will also bust some myths.

A limited number of handler and spectator places will be available. Only six handlers per instructor! Dog-handler teams will work individually. 

Handlers: £397
Spectators: £194

Click below to apply. Payment options available. 

Please read further event details under ADDITIONAL INFORMATION below.  

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Christoph Rosenberger started as a Search and Rescue area search dog handler in 1998 and soon trained area and disaster search dogs himself.

As well as working on numerous cases in the vicinity of Vienna, Christoph’s biggest success was a mission to Algeria in 2003 after an earthquake. Christoph and his search dog located an 11 year-old girl, who was rescued alive and well with minor injuries after being trapped under rubble for days.

In 2008 Christoph started training Mantrailing dogs for Search and Rescue and worked many cases as a handler. In 2014 he was asked to teach for Georgia K9. GAK9 is based in Edisto, South Carolina and is run by Jeff Schettler. For GAK9, Christoph has taught Military Special Operations teams in the USA, Police Officers in China, Police and Search and Rescue teams in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Spain and Latvia.

We have the possibility to also invite a second GAK9 instructor to accommodate a larger number of bookings:

Glenn-David Poole spent 27 years in the US Army, is a Veteran of the Vietnam War and served in many different leadership positions throughout his career.

After retiring from the military service he worked for the German Government in the Refugee Center in Aschaffelburg, and then transferred to the German Police in Wuerzburg where he was on contract with his Mantrailing Dog Maghen until he retired again in 2008. He not only had trailing dogs but Area and Disaster Dogs and was in Turkey in 1999 for both Earthquake Recovery Missions with the Bavarian Red Cross.

Glenn has trained Mantrailing teams all over Europe.

Additional information


Each day we start at 9 a.m. and finish at 5 p.m. The last day may finish earlier, to allow time for certificates and departures.


Locations will be advised for each day.
Make sure to join the Facebook group advised in your registration Email. We will use that space to share further details as well as local information we hope you will find helpful if you travel from further away.

What to bring

Note that most requirements below are for handlers, but spectators are also expected to bring their jar and scent article.
For your dog, bring a harness, appropriate high-value rewards – toy or food, their collar and a long line (10 meters), ideally leather (for example, but nylon or biothane will also work, especially if you already have one. If you're only just starting off there's no need to buy an expensive unless you're sure that you will pursue trailing in the long term.
Make sure your dog has enough water and is comfortable in the car between sessions.
You will need a pair of gloves (if the dog is strong), suitable outdoors clothing (layers, waterproofs) and shoes you are comfortable to walk and run in. Have a folding camping chair in the car just in case. Also bring a clean ar for your scent article. And most importantly bring a scent article – something you have worn or has been in contact with your skin and fits into the jar.
Please bring a packed lunch and a flask with hot drink if you like. Refreshments (cake/biscuits and water) will be provided.


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