Indication and Systematic Search Training, with Jens Frank

05-07 April 2019, Guildford
This three-day event hosts Jens Frank, an experienced handler and SWDI (Scandinavian Working Dog Institute) instructor from Sweden.
Suitable for both professional and sports teams at any level of experience. Many dog handlers may not yet have established a solid indication, and even amongst more experienced dog teams there is almost always a need to train systematic searching.
INDICATION TRANING: Participants will learn how to train the indication they want to have. If the dog is highly motivated it will have a working alert by the end of the course.
SYSTEMATIC SEARCH TRAINING: Participants will learn how to teach the dog to search small or large areas, buildings or vehicles in a systematic way on and off lead.
For systematic search training a working indication is required, however handlers still working on the indication throughout the event will get to see others train the next steps so they can train it themselves later on.
Group size is limited to 8 handlers and 8 spectators. All dogs attending will need to have high motivation to work for treats and/or toys. Please keep in mind that this event is for training indication and/or systematic searching and not for solving reward issues.
Handlers: £397
Spectators: £194
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Jens Frank trains handlers and service dogs, working with regular police and armed forces as well as special operations units. He also has a position as associate professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Apart from doing research he is responsible for and working as a dog handler in, the Swedish government’s program for service dogs used in management of large carnivores (bears, wolves and lynx).

Web: Scandinavian Working Dog Institute (SWDI) | Facebook

Additional information


This is a three-day event, each day starting at 9 a.m. and finishing by 5 p.m.

What to bring

Your dog (handlers only) and the highest and lowest rewards you are using: favourite treats, toys etc. Please note that in order to bring two dogs to this workshop you will need to purchase two places.
Make sure that your dog is comfortable resting in the car when required, is warm or cool enough and has plenty of water etc.
Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided. If you are on a special diet or require something specific, please make sure to bring that with you.
This is an indoors event, but we might spend some time outside, so wear suitably layered clothing.


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