Detection Masterclass, with Wesley Visscher


21-22 April 2018, Surrey

Detection dogs or sniffer dogs use their nose to detect a hidden substance, such as drugs, explosives, tobacco etc. This two-day seminar is being taught by a specialist with years of operational experience working with and training detection dogs. Detection can also be done as a hobby, it is a fantastic way to work as a team with your dog, use their natural scenting abilities and keep their mind busy with minimal physical impact. A dog is just as happy searching for cloves as it is searching for illegal substances.

During this two-day event, you will learn how to imprint an odour of your choice and continue training your dog for detection. The workshop is suitable for absolute beginners but not only. You can do detection with any breed and at any age including puppies with their vaccinations completed. If you already have some experience and your dog is working on scent, Wesley can work with you at your level. Examples of topics that can be covered:

  • Body language of dog and handler
  • Teaching dogs to differentiate odours
  • Storing and treating odours
  • Scent profile
  • Training structure
  • Search variations.

After an introductory presentation, handler-dog teams will work individually, hence group size is limited to eight handlers. In addition, we offer a number of spectator places.

Please read the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section below for more event details.

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Wesley Visscher is the owner of Scent imprint for dogs (SIFD) located in the Netherlands.

Wesley’s professional experience, spanning eight years, is centered around his passion for training working dogs. He started as a dog handler for explosive and narcotic detection dogs with a private security company in Holland.

Since the founding of SIFD, he has trained K9s to detect in the disciplines of narcotics, explosives, mobile phones, weapons, and tracking/trailing. SIFD’s clientele include the likes of police, immigration customs, and justice departments as well as various private security companies.

Wesley is a globally recognized professional in educating those interested in K9s through workshops, seminars, and courses centered around his innovative Puppy Program.

Web: Scent imprint for dogs | Facebook

Additional information


This is a two-day seminar, the first day starting at 9.30 a.m., the second at 10 a.m. Both days finish at 4 p.m.


tbc, within half an hour from Woking

What to bring

Your dog if you are a handler, and their highest motivator/s: favourite treats and/or toy. If your dog is already working on scent please bring that scent with you.
Dogs should not watch each other while working, so make sure that your dog is comfortable resting in the car between your sessions, has plenty of water etc. A crate in the training room is not an option in this case, as more advanced dogs may be working off lead across the whole room.
Refreshments and a buffet lunch (including vegetarian options) will be provided. If you are on a special diet or require anything specific, please make sure to bring that with you.
This is an indoors event, but we might be spending some time outside, so wear suitably layered clothing.


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