Tracking Practice


Fortnightly in Woking

Exclusively for those who have attended at least one of Paul Quinlan’s tracking workshops hosted by Enjoy Your Dog.

Two to three-hour practice session on pasture, land not accessible to members of the public. Each session will be planned, coordinated and supported by Enjoy Your Dog. Videos can be posted on the Yell Dog Trackers group for group discussion and input from Paul. Note that Paul Quinlan will not be present at practice sessions.

Please read the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section below for session details.




Yell Dog Trackers is a group dedicated to participants of tracking training with Paul Quinlan of Yell Dog.

Additional information


10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Please arrive 5-10 minutes earlier, with your dog having toileted and stretched its legs if needed (area can be advised), park your car and be ready to start the session.


Practice sessions will be held on the same land as our workshops.

What to bring

Your dog, their tracking equipment and their favourite 'tracking food'. One or more tiles and some articles to use on tracks you lay for others.


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