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Interactive Play Workshop, Craig Ogilvie


Saturday, 11 March 2017, West End (near Woking)

Create a unique and special experience to share with your dog and help with

  • Improving your existing play
  • Working motivation
  • Toy possession
  • Lack of interest in toys
  • Building a better relationships with your dog
  • Confidence building
  • A high value reward experience for training
  • Creating an interactive experience shared with your dog that stimulates their body and mind
  • Most of all having lots of fun.

Craig will be delivering three workshops with limited handler places and spectator places.

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Craig Ogilvie is uniquely qualified in the UK as the only to person achieve a Mondioring decoy’s license and has travelled all over Europe with his sport testing and training dogs from all over the world.

He is also an accredited trainer, a dog behaviour practitioner, soon to be author of the Interactive Play Guide and completely in love with helping dogs and people. Travelling all over the country delivering seminars, workshops and talks helping to motivate dog lovers and their dogs to achieve their goals and create their own in amazing Interactive Play Experience.

Craig’s website: Love for Dogs

Additional information


This is a two-hour workshop. A ticket entitles one person to participate in the time slot booked, for the option booked (handler or spectator), from the following: 10 a.m.,1 p.m. and 3.45 p.m.
Please don’t arrive more than 15 minutes in advance to let the previous group leave, but allow enough time to get parked and ready. Come into the field without your dog to begin with (unless you set up a crate). There will be a sign-in sheet on arrival.


Lead & Listen, Windlesham Road, West End, Woking, GU24 9PS
We recommend that handlers park on Church Road by the Green, to be closest to the venue entrance. Spectators can park on Windlesham Road or further up Church Road.
Nearest public venue with toilets: BP Gordon SF Connect on the A322 South, Guildford Road, West End, GU24 9HJ
Nearest dog-friendly pub serving excellent food: The Inn@West End, 42 Guildford Rd, West End, Woking, GU24 9PW.

What to bring

Note that only handlers can bring dogs to this workshop. Bring one or two favourite toys you can use to play with your dog, and a lot of energy! Also bring a canvas crate (popular are portable canvas crates) to set up on the field ahead of time if you wish to have your dog near you.
All: dress suitably for an outdoor workshop, bring layers and waterproof items. Bring a folding chair, whether you are a handler or a spectator. If you are a handler make sure you wear comfortable shoes you can run in.
Refreshments will be provided.


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