Bravery Boost for Puppies and Young Dogs, with Alex Lato and Lila Zachwatowicz


Saturday 20 January 2018, West End (near Woking)

Would you like your dog to be happier and more confident?

This workshop is for you if you feel that your puppy could be a little braver, if s/he is unsure in new situations, shy of strangers or avoiding noisy bin lorries, if you are having trouble keeping your dog calm and comfortable at the vet’s, or getting their focus and motivation outside.

This workshop is suitable for puppies from four months of age, as well as for young dogs up to two years old. Places are limited (maximum eight handler-dog teams), so our two instructors can maximise individual attention. Be prepared to name up to three things you would like to learn about/work on.

Alex and Lila will discuss the theory behind why dogs sometimes lack confidence and the scientific background of fearful behaviours. They will share tips on how to build trust and bond with your dog, including reading body language and practising exercises to boost their confidence using natural drives and motivation. These exercises will help you:

  • Understand your dog
  • Build trust and relationship
  • Take the discomfort out of vet visits
  • Help increase your dog’s confidence in new places, new situations and with new people
  • Help your dog overcome shyness to touch or sound sensitivity
  • Increase focus, engagement and motivation to give 100% when working
  • Overcome fear of failure when working

Further details and joining instructions under ADDITIONAL INFORMATION below.



Alex Lato isn’t your usual run of the mill ‘dog trainer’. He holds a degree in Animal Science, is certified as an instructor by the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT) and was certified grade B Schutzhund helper in Finland and the UK. He is actively involved in dog sport training with TNT Dogs Club and British Malinois Club.

Lila Zachwatowicz is a dog trainer and behaviourist, BIPDT instructor, qualified teacher and educationalist with an M.A. in English Philology. She has over 10 years experience training dogs and regularly attends seminars and courses to continue her professional development. She is an active Agility competitor and trainer as well as a FCI Competitive Obedience enthusiast.

In 2015 Alex and Lila founded Temperament Dogs to provide the highest standard of residential training for companion dogs.

Bravery Boost Training is a special area of focus at Temperament Dogs, aiming to make dogs braver and more confident both in everyday life and as a foundation for dog sports. Bravery Boost helps dogs suffering from noise sensitivities, reactivity or separation anxiety and works on the prevention of those problems in puppies and young dogs.

Whether or not you attend this workshop, you can join the Bravery Boost Training for Dogs group on Facebook, created to support and share, welcoming everyone who would like their dogs to be braver and more confident.

Web:  Temperament Dogs | Facebook | YouTube

Additional information


9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Please arrive a few minutes earlier so you can be ready for start time. Come in for a discussion without your dog at first.


Lead & Listen, Windlesham Road, West End, Woking, GU24 9PS
We recommend that you park on Church Road by the Green, to be closest to the venue entrance.
Our venue is a securely fenced field that will allow plenty of space and movement. Note however that no toilet facilities are available directly on site. Nearest public venue with toilets: BP Gordon SF Connect on the A322 South, Guildford Road, West End, GU24 9HJ.
Nearest dog-friendly pub serving excellent food: The Inn@West End, 42 Guildford Rd, West End, Woking, GU24 9PW.

What to bring

For your dog, bring a lead/harness, favourite toys and high value food. Make sure you have water with you for your dog.
There will be a theory part to this workshop and at times only one dog will work. If you wish to have your dog near you during these 'down times' – provided s/he doesn't spend their energy barking at the other dog that is working – bring a crate to set up on the field ahead of time. Popular are portable canvas crates.
Dress suitably for an outdoor workshop, bring layers and waterproof items. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes you can move around in. Bring a folding chair to sit on.
Refreshments will be provided.


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