Trixie Timon Rucksack

What do you do when you want to show the world to a tiny puppy? One that is not yet fully vaccinated and certainly can’t walk for miles. And you have an adult dog you love to walk for many miles with.

You look for a method of transport. I’d never used one before. A friend suggested a rucksack, and after some research I got the Trixie Timon.

Puppy transporter


What’s great

  • Well made and sturdy, you can tell by looks already that it’s good quality.
  • Made with the carrier’s comfort in mind – waist strap and padded shoulder straps, all adjustable, like on a proper hiking rucksack. You’ll appreciate it when the puppy gets heavier, which inevitably s/he will after a while.
  • Has a reinforced flat bottom which made it more comfortable for puppy. It is padded but I also added a piece of vetbed. Puppy could curl up on it in the early days, although she preferred to be up so she could peak out – which is in fact easier on the person carrying the rucksack because of the weight distribution. The head poking out has the added benefit that most people you walk past will meet you with a bright smile, because you carry this incredibly cute freight. And in turn, this has the benefit that your friends, keen to gather some of those smiley looks for themselves, will offer to take turns in carrying said cute freight.
  • Has an opening at the top through which puppy can peak out, and one at the front, for puppy to enter the rucksack by themselves.
  • Has a strap to secure to the dog’s harness, which will catch the pup in case it jumps out (we had that once or twice).
  • Puppy got to like it fast. I took her out in this rucksack the morning after the day I brought her home, we didn’t have much time to get her accustomed to it because Big Dog needed a walk, yet she didn’t worry too much and would always enthusiastically return to it for safety.
  • It doubled as a sort of canvas crate to rest in at the pub or the top of a hill. After all, it’s exhausting to be carried all the way up.

Hilltop snoozing


What could be better

  • By definition, a backpack means that puppy will be on your back. You cannot watch them all the time. And there’s a risk they might try to give you a new hairdo!
  • It does get heavy once the puppy grows, and at some point it no longer fits. We used it for about three months.
  • The built-in strap is flimsy. While the previous two issues are inevitable, this could have been done differently by the manufacturer. While our rucksack itself still hardly has much wear and tear, I’m not sure whether the strap would have lasted much longer. And you don’t want your puppy to fall from that height.
  • It would be nice if it had a pocket or two, since it’s not ideal to have to carry an extra bag as well. Considering the size of this rucksack, it can be a pain to carry something else – literally. I used a small across-the-body bag and over time it put strain on my shoulder.

Overall though, in spite of my main two issues, to me it was worth the investment (it’s not the cheapest, make sure you shop around), for what it enabled us to do. It’s still in great condition and could be used again, perhaps with a reinforced strap.


Pub pup


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